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Posted on January 11, 2023

Wine tasting is one of our favourite parts of wedding planning; hosting our couples and hearing how their plans are coming along. And our couples love the experience as much as we do!

We offer a complimentary wine tasting at The Barn at Botley Hill before each wedding so that wines can be thoughtfully selected from our list for the all-important drinks package.

It’s a convivial occasion and below are some words from a few of our couples on why they loved the wine tasting experience:

“It was such a personal event where we felt listened to and that you really tailored our drinks menu to suit us and our guests. Even with a baby bump and not being able to taste the wine myself, I was well cared for with endless supplies of juices and alternatives during the tasting, and great alcohol-free options on the big day!” – L & M, October 2022

“The wine tasting was one of our favourite things about wedding planning! It was so fun to come back to Botley, have another look around the venue in the lead-up to the wedding and a chance to ask any questions we had. The wines were all fabulous (which we knew they would be!) and tasting samples were very generous; we were glad we had a cab booked for the way home so we could really enjoy all of the wines and fizz! We booked dinner at the Farmhouse afterwards and made an evening of it, which we would recommend to all couples” – M & J, August 2022

“The experience was fantastic! We sat outside looking at the beautiful scenery with all the emotions running through us, knowing the next time we were going to be there we would be getting married. I loved that the team had been to some of the wine regions and had stories regarding where they came from and how they were produced. So much thought had gone into the wine. Not your average wine tasting day – highly recommend.” – S & B, June 2021


Below we have answered some FAQs from couples to help you plan for your wine tasting and know what to expect.

Should we get in touch to book our wine tasting?
No, once we have finalised the wine list for the time of year of your wedding, usually around three months beforehand, the team will get in touch with you to book your tasting. We will offer you a range of times and days of the week, including weekend dates where possible.

Is the wine tasting a private appointment, or will we be part of a group tasting?
We offer all our couples a private wine tasting appointment. Due to demand for weekend and evening times, however, you may be offered a group wine tasting at an alternative time to the private appointments. You can decide what will work best for you.

Can we bring our parents or friends with us?
You are welcome to bring guests along for the wine tasting; please let us know in advance if you are. A wine tasting for two is included in your booking; please note that there is a £20 per person charge for additional guests.

Will we be able to look around the venue at the same time?
Yes, absolutely! This is a great time to have another look at the venue and re-acquaint yourself with the Barns and gardens. We know it is useful to see it again at this stage of the planning; but please note that we do often have fully booked afternoons, so it is important to arrive promptly to give yourself as much time as possible.

Do we need to choose the wines we want to try in advance?
Don’t worry; you don’t need to decide in advance. When you arrive, we can chat through the wine list and discuss what you usually drink, and then decide from there. You are welcome to try as many wines as you would like, but we recommend narrowing it down a bit; otherwise, it can get confusing.

Do we need to make a final choice on the wines at the tasting?
No, you don’t need to make any final decisions on the day of the wine tasting, but it helps to narrow it down as much as possible while you are here. We will send you an email afterwards with what we’ve discussed for your choices and the cost per head. We will look to finalise your drinks package about a month before, when you have your final guest numbers.

Can we try the local beer as well?
We are always happy to discuss the beer options at the wine tasting, and depending on availability, offer a tasting at the same time. We are lucky to have the Titsey Brewery as our closest neighbour, which offers a range of ales, a carbonated IPA, and a lager.

How long is the wine tasting?
The wine tasting lasts around an hour, which includes time for a look around the venue and catching up on any general questions with the team.

Should we book a taxi?
We think it’s a great idea to pre-book a taxi so you can make the most of enjoying the wine tasting, but of course, you don’t need to (although we recommend agreeing in advance on who the driver will be!).

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