Barn Wedding Venue Inspiration

Posted on March 5, 2019

A Luxury Wedding Barn Venue

As our vision for a luxury barn wedding venue comes to life we’re grateful to have benefited from receiving a wealth of information and inspiration from our supportive suppliers, associates and partners. These industry professionals are at the top of their game and their tips, ideas and wise words are too good not to share.

The Barn at Botely Hill Illustration

Wedding Planning

“As a wedding planner, my biggest piece of advice when planning your own wedding is being aware of how much time it takes. It can take a couple up to 250 hours to plan their own wedding. So either give yourself a long enough engagement to allow time to plan or get delegating.”

This is one piece of wisdom shared with us recently by the lovely Lauren Goodman, creative director at Bluebird Creative. Her words had us thinking about other conversations we’ve had recently with our associates. In this blog post you’ll find their detailed ideas for couples getting married and in particular for couples choosing a barn wedding.

Rural Barn Wedding Tips and Inspiration

Married couple outside church with confetti and umbrellas by Mindy Coe Photography

Make the most of the rural views when capturing the magical moments on your wedding days. Mindy of Mindy Coe Photography explains:

“My biggest tip for couples getting married this year at the barn is to get outside for some photos. Even if that’s just for 10 minutes and it’s just the two you. The views are spectacular and you can’t beat natural light for giving an authentic memory of the way your day was. So whether you need wellies and an umbrella, or you are bare-foot, embrace the elements and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.”

We love this advice from Emma Page of Emma Page Buttercream Cakes.

“If you’ve chosen a barn setting for your wedding, you’ve bagged a blank canvas in many ways: no busy textiles or decorative plaster work for your own touches to compete with. Another win is that you can go really spare with your styling or max it out. Either way, think big.”

And when it comes to your wedding cake, Emma has more good advice:

“Floral cakes are huge this year. Designers are working along impressionist and abstract lines to create cakes that are full of character.

“Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea about what type of cake you’d like. A good cake maker will be able to build a design around anything you’re attracted to: whether it’s a skirt you’ve seen in a shop window, a vintage lampshade, a perfume or wallpaper sample. “

Wedding Cake by Sharon Lord

And here are some more words of wisdom when it comes to wedding cake from Sharon Lord of Sharon Lord Cakes:

“Butter cream-finish cakes dressed with seasonal fruit and flowers remain popular, as do more traditional styles with sugar flowers made to match your wedding flowers. Make the cake your own by picking out a detail from the dress or invitations.”

On floristry, Georgia Foley of Flowers By Georgia has this to say:

“If you’re a couple set to marry in 2019, when thinking flowers, this year’s trend is out with the traditional white rose and in with a stunning blush, rustic, garden-picked style posy. Gorgeously-scented David Austin garden roses, pretty peonies (when in season May to late-June), heathers and sweet peas with loose heavy foliages are this year’s must to complement any beautiful rustic barn wedding.”

Darren at Darren Foard Photography is skilled at assessing a situation and knows what’s required to capture the memories:

“Your photographer is present throughout your day – from when the preparations begin to during the ceremony and mingling with guests to organising group photos. So, you want your photographer to be a person you like and feel comfortable having around. One of the most important considerations when choosing your wedding photographer is: ‘do I like this person and would they fit in well with my guests?'”

Finally, perhaps something a little unique from Nathalie Selvon-Bruce at Buttercup Bus Vintage Campervan Hire:

“Booking a campervan for your wedding transport offers a fun way to arrive at your ceremony in something packed with personality.  We offer the ability to convert our vehicles into campervan photo booths so they can be enjoyed by all your guests at the reception.”

While there’s much work involved in planning the perfect wedding and many details to consider, the last words for this post go to Nathalie:

“Fill your wedding with personality and don’t forget to have fun.”

We agree! Thank you to our partners, associates and suppliers for contributing to this blog post. Look out for part two of this post where we’ll hear from photographer Mindy Cole, Jen Middlehurst at Kalm Kitchen, Alison Howe at Mad Lillies, cake maker Lisa Broughton and celebrant Nikki Wood.

Are you looking for a barn wedding venue in Surrey?

With several wedding receptions already booked for this summer, we’re looking forward to meeting many new lovely engaged couples soon. Do get in touch. Susie Evans and Emily Taggart-Edmeades at The Barn at Botley Hill will guide you from first enquiry right through to your special day.




Next up, read Barn Wedding Venue Inspiration blog post Part 2 with tips and advice from Mad Lilies, Jen Middlehurst from Kalm Kitchen Ltd, Wedding & Celebration Cakes by Lisa Broughton and Nikki Wood of Perfect Words Ceremonies.

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